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Palace Hotel, madrid

Conferencia de la de la International Egg Commission (IEC)

The IEC Madrid 2013 Conference is being held at The Westin Palace Hotel, Madrid from 7th to 9th April 2013. Sunday 07 April 2013

The programme for IEC Madrid is now complete and will feature presentations from five World Class speakers.

Prof. David Hughes: Can eggs and egg products exploit declining red meat consumption in developed countries

Dr. Vincent Covello: Crisis Communications

Dr Alejandro Thiermann: Global Animal Health Challenges

Prof. Louise Fresco: Sustainable Development and Efficiency

Conference Programme

Sunday 07 April 2013

10:30 AM Executive Meeting (Cortes Suite, Board Members only)

13:00 PM Registration Opens (Main lobby, next to Concierge)

14:00 PM CSR Working Group (Cortes Suite, Working Group Members only)

16:00 PM Membership Meeting (Cortes Suite, Committee Members and Ambassadors)

18:00 PM Chairman's Welcome Reception Venue: The Westin Palace Hotel, Madrid. (The Neptuno Ballroom)

Monday 08 April 2013

07:30 AM Registration Opens (Medinaceli Ballroom Foyer)

08:00 AM Production & Trade Committee Meeting. Including presentation by Dr Vincent Guyonnet (Cortes Suite, observers welcome)

09:30 AM Conference Opening by IEC Chairman, Joanne Ivy (Medinaceli Ballroom)

09:40 AM Marketing Conference Session

09:40 AM Speaker: Professor David Hughes "Taking on the big boys: can eggs and egg products exploit declining red meat consumption in developed countries"

10:10 AM Speaker: Dr Vincent Covello, Center for Risk Communication "The Artful Application of Crisis Communications"

10:50 AM Coffee Break

11:30 AM Speaker: Dr Vincent Covello, Center for Risk Communication "The Artful Application of Crisis Communications" Continued

12:30 PM Speaker: Dr Mitch Kanter, Egg Nutrition Center "The International Egg Nutrition Consortium: Where to from here"

12:45 PM Lunch (Neptuno Ballroom)

14:15 PM Production & Trade Conference Session (Medinaceli Ballroom)

14:15 PM Speaker: Dr Alejando Thiermann, OIE "Poultry Animal Health Challenges in a Globalised World"

15:00 PM Speaker: Dr Tjeerd Kimman "Avian Influenza: 10 years later"

15:30 PM Invited: Director General of Agriculture, Production & Marketing "Ten Key Questions for the Future of the Egg Industry"

16:00 PM Coffee Break

16:20 PM Marketing Committee Meeting Including Crisis Communication Workshop (Cortes Suite, observers welcome)

Tuesday 09 April 2013

08:00 AM EPI Committee Meeting (Cortes Suite, observers welcome)

08:00 AM Economics Committee Meeting (Canovas Room, observers welcome)

09:30 AM EPI Conference Session (Medinaceli Ballroom)

09:30 AM Speaker: To Be Confirmed

10:10 AM Speaker: Maria del Mar Fernandez, Inprovo "Positives from the EU Experience on Enriched Cages"

10:35 AM Coffee Break

11:20 AM Speaker: Prof. Hans-Wilhelm Windhorst, IEC Statisical Analyst "The Globalisation of Egg Production and Egg Trade"

11:35 AM Speaker: Tim Lambert, Egg Farmers of Canada The Future of Multi-Lateral and Bi-Lateral Trade Agreements"

12:00 PM Technical Innovations Session

12:05 PM Speaker: Fabien de Meester, DMF "Future of Protein Modification and the use of Enzymes"

12:15 PM Speaker: Arjen Sein, DSM Food Specialities "The Role of Enzymes in Food Processing"

12:25 PM Speaker: Joss Delves-Broughton, DuPont Nutrition and Health "Nisin - Advantages for use in liquid and powdered products"

12:35 PM IEC Cape Town 2013 Conference Promotion by Kevin Lovell, SAPA

12:40 PM Lunch (Neptuno Ballroom)

14:30 PM Economics Conference Session (Medinaceli Ballroom)

14:35 PM Speaker: Prof.Dr.Ir Louise Fresco "Sustainable Intensification"

15:15 PM Speaker: European Commission - Unit of Sustainable Production and Consumption "Lowering Emissions in the Egg Industry: Best Available Techniques"

15:45 PM Speaker: Cesar de Anda "Developments & Insights from Mexico"

16:00 PM Formal Closing

16:15 PM Coffee Break

19:15 PM Pre-Dinner Drinks (La Rotonda)

20:00 PM Gala Banquet Medinaceli Ballroom (Dress: Business Suit)

Palace Hotel, madrid